The very best is always close at hand Each week, we deliver to more than 250,000 homes #theperfectmeat Discover a meat that apart from being healthy is also delicious

Do you want to find out why HERMI rabbit meat is #theperfectmeat?

The healthy meat option.

Hermi rabbit meat is healthy as well as delicious.

Easy to cook with our in-tray cuts.

National leaders.
Our meat is always delivered to you quickly.

Cook with PEÑA

Do you want to see healthy recipes that pack incredible flavours?

Javier Peña (Participant TOP CHEF 2014) cooks with different cuts of rabbit meat. You’ll love them for their simplicity, their originality… and why not say it: that rogue-like touch that only Javier Peña knows how to give to his creations.

Why choose HERMI

National leaders

The number one in Spain

We are the largest producer of rabbit meat in Spain.

Each week, close to 250,000 homes put us to the test and they return time and time again!


We contribute to rural development by looking after the local population through the use of integrated farms, and the royal RSC.


At HERMI, innovation is part of our DNA. Since 1972, we have been innovating each day, paying attention to every single detail. This leads to even greater improvement in our rabbit meat.

Más Fresh co

Can you guess why one of our brands is called HERMI Fresh?
Apart from top-rate quality, we serve our clients products with the highest level of freshness.

The benefits of rabbit meat

Low in calories

Low in cholesterol

Rich in vitamins

Rich in proteins

Rich in calcium

Rich in iron