Our centres have been recently renovated and adapted to the existing legislation. At the same time, they have been equipped with the latest technology to automate and improve each and every one of the productive processes, which has meant a constant investment effort on our part over the last four years.

Geographical dispersion

We have transformation centres and butchering rooms in Valladolid, Vizcaya, Albacete and Tarragona.

From these centres we cover both the purchasing market of influence of each centre, and attend to all those consumers with local, national, and international thereby optimizing the distribution being highly necessary since this is a perishable product.

Innovative production

Our farms, aware of the great importance that continuous improvement has on our production processes, act as centres for innovation, designing improved production processes and sharing these advances with nearly 200 farms that supply us with raw material. In this way, we were able to improve their performance and the quality of the products that generate and a healthier and more respectful handling of the products.

Cunicultura 4.0

Hermi implements daily controls of over production processes via the data that the farms enter through an innovative app. In this way we can optimise production through control and continuous analysis of the information received.

We are pioneers in the application of technology in production. Our continuously improving process aims to offer the best rabbit meat to our customers.


Our production process is the fruit of the commitment and constant optimisation during the more than 40 years that Hermi has been producing rabbit meat.

We fully control our processes from the beginning, seeking excellence in every one of them.

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