Menu to control cholesterol

Menu based on 2,000 Kcal/day. Designed for an adult who does moderate physical exercise. It is important to remember that caloric needs can be modified according to the specific needs of each individual.


  • Bread: Main meals can be accompanied with 2 slices of white bread or wholemeal bread.
  • Oil: The fat par excellence for dish preparation is extra virgin olive oil (4 tablespoons spread throughout the day is the recommended maximum consumption).
  • Drink: Water must be the main drink. The recommendation is to drink between 1.5-2 litres a day.


Breakfast: Skimmed milk with oats and natural orange juice.

Mid-morning snack: Cherries and nuts.

Lunch: Scrambled eggs with young garlic and rustic rabbit drumsticks with vegetables.

Merienda: Bread and jam.

Dinner: Spaghetti with vegetables and lemon wedges.


Breakfast: A glass of skimmed milk accompanied by a slice of toast with natural tomato, oregano and olive oil with some grapes.

Mid-morning snack: Yogurt with chopped fruit.

Lunch: Lentil salad and serrano ham with natural tomato. A kiwi for dessert.

Merienda: Apricots.

Dinner: Vegetable purée and fillet of beef with green peppers. Some mandarins for dessert.


Breakfast: Skimmed milk with oats and natural orange juice.

Mid-morning snack: Fresh low-fat cheese sandwich and some figs.

Lunch: Sautéed peas and boiled egg with ratatouille. Baked apple for dessert.

Merienda: Fruit salad.

Dinner: Rice with sautéed mushrooms and courgettes stuffed with tuna and natural tomato.


Breakfast: Skimmed milk with wholegrain biscuits and a pear.

Mid-morning snack:A banana.

Lunch: Pasta salad with carrot corn and crab sticks and golden bream with peppers. A skimmed milk yogurt for dessert.

Merienda: Bread with quince.

Dinner: Endives with tuna and grilled pork tenderloin with roasted red peppers. A peach for dessert.


Breakfast:Skimmed milk with toast with jam and natural orange juice.

Mid-morning snack:Yogurt with chopped fruit.

Lunch: Chickpeas with boiled potatoes and skinless chicken thigh baked in the oven. A banana for dessert.

Merienda: Apple with nuts.

Dinner: Vegetable soup and baked trout with mushrooms. Some mandarins for dessert.


Breakfast:Skimmed milk yogurt with oats and a kiwi.

Mid-morning snack: Serrano ham sandwich and grapes.

Lunch: Vegetable stew and grilled hake. A skimmed milk yogurt for dessert.

Merienda: Skimmed milk and wholegrain biscuits.

Dinner: Endive salad with apple and rabbit chops with romesco sauce. A mandarin for dessert.


Breakfast: Skimmed milk with toast and olive oil and natural orange juice.

Mid-morning snack: home-made skimmed milk smoothie with crushed fruit.

Lunch: Warm salad with lamb’s lettuce, baby eels and nuts, and toast with smoked salmon. A kiwi for dessert.

Merienda: An orange with a glass of liquid skimmed milk yogurt.

Dinner: Pasta with garlic and skewered chicken and pineapple.