Traceability consists of associating a systematic flow of information to a physical flow of goods, so that the required information concerning the lots or specific product groups can be related at at specific time.

When it comes to traceability we have extremely high standards. A computerised system strictly relates  the final product with the original and the processes involved. This enables us to locate any batch of product throughout the production chain, from its origin to its final state.

Ascending traceability

We identify products that are received in our company, delimited with all the required traceability information.

Internal traceability or traceability of processes

We carry out continuous quality controls throughout the production process, along with checks in different seasons of production to comply not only with legal requirements and, of course, those of our customers, but also with our own.

Descending traceability

We know at all times which products have been shipped by the company, and where they are located, always with a complete dimensional traceability information (batches, expiration date/preferred consumption).

Quality. Legal and safe products you can trust.

Our effort and dedication to continuously improving our processes and products is rewarded by some of the most demanding customers in Spain and Europe, who have placed their trust in us and our products for many years now.

We have a great team involved in all stages of the production process, from producing the raw material to shipping the finished product.

We carry out continuous quality controls throughout the production process, to comply with legal requirements and of course with the requirements of our customers.

Our commitment to quality and food safety is backed by the many certifications in voluntary standards that we have been rewarded with over the years.

From 2003 to 2004 we obtained the ISO 9001 certification. In 2005 we decided to move toward  specific protocols on food security, obtaining the BRC certificate, which we kept until the year 2008. In the same year we were rewarded with the IFS certificate, passing both audits with a top score. Since then, we have managed to keep our IFS certificate (top score) in all of our production plants up to the present day.

To ensure that our products meet the requirements of different religious and cultural groups, we offer “Halal rabbit meat” (meat that has been sacrificed according to the Muslim ritual), as we have “Halal Certified” on one of our production centres.

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