Healthcare professionals interpret the results of scientific studies on rabbit meat

“Compared to other meats, rabbit meat stands out”

Health is the complete physical, mental and social well-being that implies an adequate functional and nutritional status, where appetite and digestive functions are maintained, as well as optimal nutrition.

When it comes to optimal nutrition, there is no better plan than to follow the principles of the Mediterranean Diet, which is based on: consuming olive oil as the main fat, eating vegetables several times a day, eating fish and lean meats, eating fresh cheeses that are low in fat and eating seasonal fruit for dessert.

Compared to other meats, rabbit meat stands out for its: smooth texture, tenderness, palatability and aroma; it is easy to chew, and digest, and is easy to cook, as it complements other foods.

Regarding its composition, rabbit meat stands out for its nutritional properties: it has less calories than other meats, is richer in proteins (10-15 %), and has a low fat content, both in total lipids and in cholesterol; it is very low in purines and doesn’t contain uric acid, being rich in calcium, iron, group B vitamins, folic acid and vitamin K.

Preferential consumption of rabbit meat is key in the prevention of childhood obesity, anaemia in teenagers, and increases in cholesterol and gout attacks. In addition, it also aids in maintaining good health.

Dr. Miguel Bixaguert Jiménez.

Professor of Medicine. Faculty of Medicine at the UVEG, Valencia.

Head of Digestive Medicine. Hospital Arnau de Villanova, Valencia.

“A suitable food for all ages”

Rabbit meat is considered to be suitable for all ages. A staple of the traditional Mediterranean diet, it forms part of a variety of menus throughout Spain. In addition, due to its nutritional properties and it being a lean meat, with only 5.3% fat, it can be included in diets adapted to different needs.

Dr. Susana Monereo

Head of the Department of Endocrinology and Nutrition.

University Hospital of Getafe.

“Ideal for promoting the health of the general population”

“Physical exercise today is an important tool in the prevention and treatment of different chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease. In these cases, foods such as rabbit meat are key components of a balanced and mixed diet, due to their low cholesterol and sodium content, the fact that they are easy to digest and their antioxidant content. This is ideal for promoting the health of the general population.”

Dr. Carlos de teresa Galván

Medical specialist in Physical Education and

Sport. Centro Andaluz de Medicina del Deporte.